Kennewick Police would have likely apprehended a wanted suspect, but did not engage in a high speed chase due to other people and a child being in the vehicle.

31-year-old Enrique “Ricky” Mendoza of Kennewick was behind the wheel in the 4800 block of West Clearwater, when he was pulled over for speeding.

After providing his license, the officer noticed a strong smell of pot coming from inside the car. Mendoza agreed to a field sobriety test, then then suddenly mashed the gas and sped away. Because three other people were in the car, including a CHILD, police did not pursue.

But using information from his license and plates, his vehicle was quickly located later abandoned. A woman who was with him was taken into custody for providing a fake name, and turns out Mendoza had been violating a no contact order with her.

Police are still seeking him for a plethora of pot and other driving violations. No word on the status of the child, who was in the car while the apparent use of pot was taking place.

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