Pot Tax Revenue Tops Booze, Tobacco COMBINED in Pendleton
After Oregon legalized recreational marijuana, Pendleton City Officials estimated the tax revenues from the pot industry would be worth about $25K for the city in 2018.
That actually was way short. In what turned out to be a shockingly 'pleasant' surprise, the city took in over $200K, more …
Study Says We're Against Pot With Driving--So Why Are DUI's Up?
Although alcohol related fatalities have dropped in our state, due in part to more enforcement and the Target Zero program the number of pot related accidents, fatalities and infractions has grown significantly.  Impaired driving is down overall, but pot is pushing it's way towards being l…
Coors to Make Pot Infused Beer, But Only in Canada
When the word first began to spread that Coors-Molson were going to pursue a 'joint' venture to infuse beer with cannabis, pot fans in the U.S. sat up.
But it will only be north of the border. According to Yahoo.com, the two brewers (who produce beer together on a number of projects) are g…

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