A Republican State Senator has filed a bill that if it passes, would allow the sale of food and drink products containing cannabis, or CBD, but no TCH.

   Bill would also require hemp processors to obtain a new license to sell the food

Senate Bill (SB) 6209 is being watched by the Washington State Department of Agriculture. According to information they released:

"SB 6209 would legalize hemp consumables, meaning ingestible foods and beverages that contain CBD or other cannabinoids, but with zero THC. It would require producers of these products to obtain a license with WSDA food safety in order to sell the products."

The THC is the element that gives the user the 'high' feeling, these products would have CBD but no THC.

GOP Senator Ann Rivers (Vancouver) is the sole sponsor of the bill, which has been referred to the Committee on Agriculture, Water, Natural Resources and Parks.

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The bill is apparently designed to allow hemp processors to produce food and drink products containing CBD, a special license would be required because (according to the text of the bill) producing hemp for food and drink consumption is not allowed at the Federal level.

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