Monday night, Franklin County Sheriff's Deputies weren't fooled by an errant driver, who thought he could elude them by speeding down a dirt road with headlights off.

Late in the evening, A Deputy spotted this SUV whizzing by on Glade Road near Sagemoor, doing 76 in a 55. But after the officer 'lit him up' (turned on the lights and siren) the unnamed driver fled.

After a short chase, the driver thought they could elude Deputies by speeding down a dirt road in the dark with their headlights off. However, they quickly realized this was futile and they pulled over and gave up. Besides facing charges of Attempting to Elude a Police Vehicle, the driver is likely facing other citations.

Authorities say not only was it foolish, but dangerous. They say they could have easily lost control or hit an object on the rural road and the result would have been a disaster.

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