Much of it falls along demographic lines,  those under 35 a lot more accepting of robotic technology behind the wheel.

According to a PEMCO Insurance study of Washington and Oregon state drivers, we find people still are not sold on not being 'in control' behind the wheel.

PEMCO released the findings, which indicated the following:

Assuming price is not an issue, and such cars are legal, how interested would you be in owning a driverless car?  Overall, 34 percent said yes, 41 percent no.  The study also found those under 35 are noticeably more receptive to the idea. If you're 35 or under, 47 percent were either very or extremely interested. For those 35 and older, 47 percent not interested at all, or even disliked the idea.

This study comes along after the latest crash of a driverless car Monday in Pennsylvania.  The Hill reports that Uber suspended it's driverless car program temporarily after such a car was involved in a crash in Pittsburgh. No serious injuries were reported.

A similar driverless car accident occurred in Tempe, AZ, but officials said the Uber car was not at fault.

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