Sources are reporting the US Department of Justice has opened a criminal investigation into the passenger door cover blowout that occurred on an Alaska Airlines 737 Max near Portland on January 5th.

   Boeing also admits it can't find certain maintenance records

January 5th, a door cover that was supposed to be secured over an unused passenger door on the Alaska Airlines plane blew out in mid-flight as the 737 was heading from Portland to California.

Now the Department of Justice is opening a criminal investigation into the matter, but Boeing and Alaska say that is not unusual concerning significant events that happen to airliners. is also reporting Boeing has admitted they cannot find the maintenance records for door work on that plane that suffered the blowout. Boeing says they have a "working hypothesis" that the records for the panel's removal and reinstallation at the company's Renton plant were never generated, although they are required to do so.

Boeing told Congress in a letter (as part of the investigation) that they looked extensively but did not find the records.

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Following the blowout of the door cover, the 737 Max airliners were grounded until safety inspections were performed, and the planes were deemed to be safe.

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