British tabloids are having a field day with this, but medical authorities say he's now potentially putting his life in danger.

Back on January 17th Lamarr Chambers was arrested by police in Harlow Essex, England over alleged drug charges.

His attorney told the Metro UK newspaper he's entering 'uncharted waters,' as he's never had to deal with this kind of 'strike' before. Unlike the typical hunger strikes sometimes staged by inmates, Chambers is on a toilet strike. He's refusing to go #2, and so far has been able to resist the urge for a whopping 38 days!

At first, his intake was minimal, then he began eating breakfast bars but reportedly has replaced that with a variety vegetables. Police believe Chambers swallowed evidence (drugs) pertinent to the case, and they're patiently waiting for nature to take it's course.

Chambers says he would rather 'die' than go, but some medical officials and his attorney say they believe his life is in danger. According to various medical professionals, refusing to evacuate yourself can result in malfunctions of the colon and intestinal muscles needed to use to 'go'. Also, massive buildup in the colon can also cause what's called and 'impacted bowel' that can even rupture in extreme cases.

Not to mention the buildup of potentially deadly toxins in the body from refusing to get rid of them. Most medical professionals agree that a normal, healthy intestinal system should involve your evacuating yourself once a day.

Some medical officials say it's a 'miracle' that Chambers hasn't already suffered an issue and died. Police were updating the situation daily on their social media page, but stopped after Day 24.

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