Kennewick Police say a man is in custody after he allegedly tried to enter Park Middle School Tuesday afternoon, then was finally captured after he entered a residence a few blocks away.

Police responded to Park Middle School, where  26 year old Dakota Harding had tried to get in through the front entrance of the school.  KPD officials say "great" safety protocols and actions by the Resource Officer and school officials prevented him from getting inside.

Harding then fled the grounds to the south, jumping over a fence. A short time later another 911 call came in from a woman in the Park Hills area who said a man entered her home through an unlocked back door. She said he told her was trying to hide from people who "were trying to kill him."

Police were able to get her out safely and surround the home. Officers had a strong suspicion it was Harding, and it was. He was taken into custody, and was obviously under the influence of narcotics, which later turned out to be intoxication from meth.

In the process of getting the woman out of her home, and entering and arresting Harding, the victim's dog (pictured) got out and ran a short distance away, but officers were able to wrangle him back and return him to his owner.

KPD and school officials said the presence and actions of the School Resource Police Officer were critical in maintaining the safety and security of the school in this incident.

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