This Sunday driver didn't follow the age-old script, he sped all over town before cops finally ran him down.

Around 12:41 Sunday afternoon Kennewick police responded to the 700 block of Fir Street for a report of a reckless driver who slammed into a street sign, then sped off.

Officers spotted the suspect vehicle near 10th and Dayton, traveling at a very high rate of speed. After giving chase, the driver, 27-year-old John Morando, finally pulled over.

He's facing a battery of charges, including DUI (again), driving on a suspended license, and interlock violation. Apparently he tampered with the breathing device that won't allow you to start your car if you either don't blow into the tube, or you do blow and the devices finds traces of alcohol.

Fortunately, he didn't his anyone during his joyride.

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