When the authorities are done with these guys, no insurance company in the WORLD will want any part of them.

Around 1:30am Wednesday morning, police were called to the area between Fruitland St. and Carmichael over a report of a large Dodge truck that had slammed into a home.

Police said two vehicles, one of them the truck, the other Cadillac Escalade, were both driving in a dangerous and erratic manner. Authorities say the incident involved road rage. The Caddy slammed into the truck, sending it into the home.

The truck hit a home in the 600 block of West Kennewick Ave. after the altercation. The two drivers, said by police to be James Dunlap and Quintin Perkins, were both arrested for DUI, and will likely face a laundry list of charges. It took police nearly 5 hours to clear the scene, the road was closed off during the investigation and cleanup.


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