John McKay
John McKay

Late Monday, Kennewick Police pulled over a car that was reported by other drivers as behaving "erratically," as in driving on the curb and stopping in the middle of the road near E. Columbia Drive and Gum Streets--the area where you come off the Cable Bridge into Kennewick.

A KPD Patrol Unit caught up with the car as it was exiting off Columbia Drive onto Highway 395 towards the Blue Bridge.

Inside the car, 41-year-old  Amber Morgan was behind the wheel, and police found her to be allegedly impaired. The passenger, identified as 63-year-old  Roger Morgan. was also impaired; turns out he'd been driving and the two switched places just prior to the traffic stop.

Now, they're both facing DUI charges in the Benton County jail. Swap equals epic fail.

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