An Oregon man appears to be proud of his Houdini-like skills when it comes to hiding drugs in his car. So much so that after hitting a police car at 80 mph while drunk, he asked the officer taking him to jail how he could get his meth back, which was hidden in the car.

Timothy Robert Scott was being taken to jail in the back of an Oregon State Patrol car April 2. He'd just been arrested for suspected DUI after slamming into a Springfield, OR police car at 80 mph, injuring the officer. Fortunately, the policeman was not gravely injured.

Sitting in the back seat, Scott reportedly asked the officer which towing company took his Lexus. When the officer wanted to know why, Scott told him he had five pounds of meth hidden in the car, and he needed to know which towing company he should pick it up at.

According to,  Scott appeared to brag about using a magnetic bag to hold five pounds of meth  in his 1998 Lexus. The bag was hidden under insulation, held to the hood by magnets.

A search warrant has been issued to go through the car after his admission was captured on the patrol car video camera. Scott reportedly told officers he's got lots of places in the car, he even showed them where he could have hidden drugs.

A drug sniffing dog failed to find anything in the initial search after the DUI accident, but Scott has a previous history of drug related issues, says  Scott was intent on getting his drugs back, saying it was "a lot of money."



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