Kennewick Police say a lot of witnesses and tips greatly helped them apprehend a suspect.

Wednesday morning around 9AM officers arrived at West 4th and Edison for a report of a hit and run crash. While police were attending to this crash, witnesses told them about a maroon minivan that was allegedly the culprit; and the driver committed several other 'swipes' while fleeing.  Tips also led to the discovery of the final location of the vehicle.

Officers found the van parked near West 3rd and Johnson street, it was heavily damaged and still smoking from the crashes. Not only were Police able to apprehend two nearby men who were seen inside the vehicle by witnesses, but neighborhood security cameras showed them inside and then emerging from the wrecked vehicle.

Of them, identified as Mario Vargas, was found to be driving with a suspended license, was under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, and had a loaded pistol in his pocket. In addition to all the Hit and Run charges, he's now facing a multitude of other issues.

Police thank all the witnesses who greatly helped them track down this wild suspect. No mention was made if any injuries occurred from the collisions.

Area Hit and Run Drivers

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