IF the remains are human, and police strongly suspect they are, the discovery of a body by Earth Day cleanup volunteers could possibly help solve a missing person's case.

Over the weekend, volunteers helping clean up a site on the east side of Indianapolis, Indiana came across a shocking discovery--a human body. The remains were said to have been found near a small creek area.

The partially covered human remains are in the same general vicinity where a woman disappeared last December. Neighhbors say 32-year-old Jamie Beasely, a single mother, went missing December 15th, 2017. The remains were discovered a few blocks away from where she lived. Family said she didn't show up for a holiday celebration, and shortly thereafter they started putting up missing posters and notified police.

Nothing has been heard from her since then, she has a 9-year old daughter who has been living with relatives. Her boyfriend reportedly told police he has no idea where she is, according to Fox News.

As of Monday the county coroner and other pathologists are studying the remains, trying to determine who they belong to. The police are treating it as a death investigation for now.

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