Here are results of statewide and local races, first for Benton County for the 2011 election--REMEMBER statewide results listed here are from the counties only. 

with about 1/3 of ballots left to count in Benton County,  here is a look at some statewide issues:

I-1183  which would privatize the liquor industry and do away with state liquor stores...benton county, passing by a margin of  62-37 percent.

I-1163--the long term care workers initiative..passing with a yes vote of roughly the same margin.

For the city of kennewick city council , Bob young, paul parish and steve young have "comfortable" margins over their opponents.

in richland,  c. edward revell is trailing brad anderson by a margin of about 55-44....sandra kent has a 56-43 margin over kent madsen and philip lemly has a comfortable margin over philip joyce...all for city council...also terry christiansen has about 2-1 margin lead over patrick mcburney.

robert perkes is leading over merle johnson in west richland race for city council by a margin of  54-45 percent, ron hayden over ken dobbin 53-46 percent,and tony benegas over johan curtis for city council by a margin of  58-41 percent...

for prosser mayor , paul warden has a comfortable 70 plus percent margin over mary ruth edwards .

IN FRANKLIN COUNTY  I -1163 is passing by a margin of 65-34  I-1183 is passing 57-42 percent,  and the criminal justice and public purpose tax is passing 61-38 so far.