A woman from Ellensburg Washington competed on Jeopardy last night and almost took home the big prize.

Tracy Pitzel, an accountant from Ellensburg gave the current Jeopardy champion a run for the money last night.

The current champion is Matt Amodio and he's been undefeated with a 23-day streak of $825,801 of total earnings. Pitzel has been the one challenger that Amodio couldn't sweep past.

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After two rounds, Pitzel had a total of $17,000 against Amodio's $31,200. It was coming down the wire in Final Jeopardy and Pitzel seemed like she would sweep the finale because of the final category.

Pitzel had previously swept an 80's music category and I thought she'd easily get the 80's movie question. Alas, it wasn't meant to be as Pitzel missed the question that left her with $400 at the end and allowing Amodio to win the day.

Here is the question Pitzel missed:

The Dip Used To Kill Characters In This 1988 Film Consisted Of Acetone, Benzene and Turpentine, Ingredients Of Pain Thinner

The answer was "Who Framed Roger Rabbit"

Sadly, Pitzel wrote "Dune" and it was wrong, dropping her earnings from $17,000 to $400.

It was an awesome attempt and Pitzel went toe to toe with Amodio and I could see that even Amodio was sweating because Pitzel was that close to knocking him off.

I thoroughly enjoyed the game and on any other episode, it might've been an easy win for Tracy Pitzel.

I hope they bring her back in the future because she did a great job.

You can check out Tracy's final Jeopardy question and video above.


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