Othello High School students will have to wait until Oct. 18th before they can return to class as normal.

School District officials began having students go back to online classes Tuesday, Sept. 21st. According to reports, it's because of high numbers of students testing positive for COVID.  Some 200 students are being quarantined according to school officials. Now, they did not say if the students were actually sick, or had just tested positive.

Distance learning will remain in place through Oct. 1st, Beginning Oct. 4, an AM/PM schedule will be adopted, with outside city limit students going in the morning, inside city limit students in the afternoon.

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According to school officials, activities and athletics after school will continue, unless there are 'outbreaks' among the athletes or participants.

It is interesting to note that when you search for Adams County Health Department, you are taken to the main Adams County website, but there's no link to the health department.  You must obtain their data (COVID) by going to the Washington State Department of Health site. Even then, the COVID data does not appear to be readily displayed.

We were interested in seeing their case counts that reportedly led to this resumption of distance learning.


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