This guy either watches too much Walker Texas Ranger, or the episode of Spongebob when he gets Hall Monitor Duty.

44 year old Jeffrey Scott Yates was apprehended by Franklin County Deputies late Thursday evening after attempting to pull over another motorist by flashing his headlights on Highway 395 near Mesa.  A Connell resident reported to officers they pulled over for what they thought was a police car, flashing it's headlights.  Yates alledgedly approached the car and said he was a police officer, but offered no identification or proof.  The motorist quickly called 911, and Yates left.  His vehicle was later located by the deputies and he was arrested on suspicion of impersonating a police officer, and (these other charges might explain why)  possession of prescription medication without a prescription and DUI.  Police are looking for anyone else who might have been stopped in a similar manner, possibly by Yates.