There's a new video making the rounds on YouTube that perhaps more than any other we've seen,  lays out and displays specific, even minute, details about Contact Tracing.

The video spends about 23 minutes going through all the phases of the proposed Contact Tracing programs in various states, even nationally and internationally. The person who made the video, went through the process to obtain two different certificates of training to become a Contact Tracer, based in CA.

The video is based upon this person's experience training and obtaining the certificates. It's from the YouTube page aplanetruth 4 u. They walk through all the steps of how it works now and could work, based upon their own experience as becoming a certified CT person. In the video the said they did that so they could experience it first hand.

The presentation includes a video clip of Governor Inslee talking about the Contact Tracing program, and also the recent Apple i-Phone download that many people were talking about.

Watch the video and decide for yourself.

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