Pasco Police now say what began as a routine plate check due to an illegal parking job has led to much more.

Back on the evening of December 28, a Pasco officer at the Circle K at Road 68 and Burden was running a plate check on a truck parked illegally, blocking the store's dumpster. Turns out it was reported stolen, and backup arrived as the driver was located (presumably coming out of the store).

24-year-old Eriberto Vazquez-Flores was taken into custody for alleged auto theft. Then the investigation led back to a December 23rd burglary at Big D's Construction east of the Pasco Airport. A set of keys that same truck were taken along with other items. The truck was not stolen, but someone returned 3 days later and used the keys to swipe the truck that was located at Circle K.

Big D's reported a large welder and a large Milwaukee tool bag full of items had been taken during the second break in, but when officers apprehended Flores and the vehicle at Circle K, those items were no longer in the bed.

The investigation continues.

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