We saw this interesting switch inside the trunk of a car this weekend.

Now while we understand sometimes accidents happen. And maybe you happen to fall inside the trunk of your car while removing groceries?

Anyway, we tried to rationalize why this switch was put in the trunk:

  • Probably not for a young child.  How would a 3-5 year old know what it meant?
  • In order to "fall" into your trunk , or the trunk of this car, you'd probably have to be pretty inebriated.
  • Most practical jokes don't involve stuffing people in the trunk of a car.

Considering this as well - the price tag of this car was in excess of $40,000 and it was a brand new sports car.  So, the only conclusion we can come to is that if you're a high roller, you might come by your money in an "interesting" fashion. You might end up stuffed in the trunk by people who "want to take you for a ride" and at THAT time, it would pay to know how to bail. You will also note the picture shows the person running away after they escape the trunk.

Catch our drift?   Hmmm....

This video does not include the car we saw the switch in, but you get the idea!