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After a pot shop was rammed nearly a week ago in Seattle, now two others have met the same fate.

Seattle Police say cars used to blast open holes in two pot shops

It appears this is a growing trend in King County. Suspects use a car (usually stolen) to ram a door or wall in a pot store, then enter the facility and steal merchandise. In some cases, the vehicles were left behind.

The most recent incidents happened overnight Tuesday. A pot store in Bryn-Mawr Skyway, about 11 miles south of Seattle, was badly damaged when a car was used to blast into a cinder block wall in the building around 3:40 AM. An eyewitness told authorities and news reporters they saw four or five young persons emerge and enter the store.

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A video from the witness shows the car wedged into the corner wall of the building. However, the suspects and vehicle were gone when police arrived. Police found humorous pieces and parts from the car, including a KIA logo.

  West Seattle shop also hit

Around 2 AM the Global Smoke and Vape store was hit by a car occupied by four suspects, who also took some merchandise after their vehicle punched a hole in the wall.  The owner said the incident was captured on video, and he was alerted by his security system. reports this is the 7th time this store has been broken into, but it's believed this is the first time a car has been used to smash open a hole.

At least one of the vehicles used in these incidents was officially reported stolen, and it's believed a second one was as well.

Similar incidents have happened in Olympia and Bremerton, but the frequency of the Seattle-area crashes is alarming.

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