Grocery Thief Getaway Truck has Mannequin Head Hood Ornament
The photo is not the best quality but you get the idea.
Kennewick police are searching for a thief who sprinted out of the Red Apple Market on South Washington Street late Tuesday night with an expensive bottle of tequila.
That's not unusual by itself, but his getaway vehicle was...
'Tag Switching' Thief Sought in Pasco
Pasco police are looking for this 'confused'  or trying to be clever thief.
It seems he switched some tags to save a lot of money on merchandise. Police say he used the SKU from a drill bit to buy an entire drill, and a tag from a shirt to buy a pair of more expensive boots. But...
Suspects Shoot Up Drugs in Stolen Car in Store Parking Lot
Sunday morning, police were called to the Walgreen's parking lot on Clearwater at Highway 395 because there were two guys in a car, right in front of the store, and were acting like they were from Pluto.
A store employee called 911 to report the two men, who appeared to be either intoxicated or …

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