With all the talk about surveillance cameras and digital tech, it's a rather 'older' security technique that helped Pasco Police capture a burglary suspect.

Just after midnight Monday morning, Officers responded to an alarm at the ColorTyme Rent to Own store in the 2400 block of Court St. Around 12:21AM Officers noticed the front door was broken in. Another officer who was responding noticed a suspicious man walking away about two blocks from the area. He pulled over and detained him for questioning after he noticed William Scott Bagley, 26 of Pasco, was carrying what appeared to be a new laptop.

Inside the store, officers found the computer-laptop display case was broken and an empty spot where that computer should have been. Bagley is now facing multiple charges in the Franklin County jail.

He was done in largely because the store is equipped with glass 'tape' sensors that can  sound alarms if any of the windows or doors are broken, or even if they sustain a hit only hard enough to crack them.

In this case, the shattered door sounded the alarm and helped corral the suspect.

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