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Would-Be Burglar Seeking 'Charge' Attempts Benton REA Break-in
West Richland police are seeking information about the would-be burglar who tried to break in to the Benton REA office very early Tuesday morning. A rather unusual burglary, who would break in to a public utility building?
Around 5am, authorities were summed by an alarm, but despite arriving within j…
Commercial Burglary Suspect Stole Business's Security Cameras
Police are turning to the public to help them in an investigation, the burglary occurred early Wednesday.
The owner of the Overhead Door Company at 7400 W. Arrowhead in Kennewick reported after arriving around 7:30am Wednesday,  someone had cut through the security fencing on the backside of his…
Burglar Uses Huge Rock to Break Store Window, But Caught Anyway
A would-be thief probably didn't consider using a huge rock to smash in the entire front door window of a store might get people's attention.
Police now say the suspect who was arrested Friday night after breaking into Macy's In Walla Walla on Main Street used a large rock to take out the entire gla…
Antique Shop Burglar "Spasms" His Way Into Store [VIDEO]
Richland police say the suspect broke into the store, located at 1398 Jadwin, in the Uptown Mall, on July 5th around 10pm.
Authorities say the original suspect is seen smashing a window and entering, then an hour later a second suspect arrived and also entered the antique store...
Cellphone Store Break In Suspects Captured on Video
Kennewick police and Verizon officials hope some pretty good security camera footage will help locate the three suspects who bashed their way into the Verizon cellphone factory store on West 27th Place.
Shortly before 1am, police responded to an alarm in the strip mall just east of Walmart on 27th...

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