For the first time since 2014, average gas prices in Washington state have topped $3 per gallon.

According to, the average price in our state is $3.24 a gallon. Most western states are paying higher prices, while some southeastern states are still in the mid $2.50's.  Gas Buddy and AAA predict slightly higher prices this summer than last year.

As travel amps up, prices traditionally rise this time of year. Plus rising crude oil prices as well as the use of more expensive 'summer blends' of fuel also are a factor. The summer blends are an EPA requirement that supposedly emits less pollution when spring and summer travel puts a lot more cars on the road.

As for the Tri-Cities area, the cheapest in Kennewick was $3.03 at Costco,   Richland was $3.08 at 7-11 on Spengler and GW Way, and in Pasco the Exxon on Road 68 and Burden Blvd.

These prices were as of 10am on Tuesday May 8th.

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