After a lengthy investigation that lasted nearly five months, the fatal shooting of an intoxicated intruder has been found to be justified.

A case that's almost gone unnoticed since shortly after it happened, the fatal shooting occurred June 10th in Pasco near Lansing Lane and Austin Drive.

The homeowner, Corey Chapman, was awakened by  man pounding on his door. He called 911 immediately, then according to the report and court documents, Chapman told authorities the intruder had entered his home.

The 911 operator heard a gunshot shortly afterward, just as police were arriving. The intruder, Travis Yeates, was found dead at the scene. An autopsy later showed he was intoxicated at least four times the legal limit.

The Franklin County Prosecutor said, according to KNDU-TV:

"Mr. Chapman acted in good faith and on reasonable grounds when confronted by a perceived intruder in his home in the middle of the night".