Area of search in West Richland (google street view)
Area of search in West Richland (google street view)

The West Richland Police Department and the FBI issued a release Thursday morning about a search warrant being carried out in West Richland, one that likely awakened area residents.

Flash bombs used in early morning search

According to the West Richland Police statement:

"On March 30 2023, at approximately 0600 hrs, the West Richland Police Department assisted the FBI Southeast Washington Safe Streets Task Force in the execution of a search warrant in the 4400 block of Northlake Dr. in West Richland, WA."

WRPD also issued information via their social media outlets, letting citizens know if they heard loud bangs around 6 AM in the area of the 4400 block of Northlake Drive and Bombing Range Road, this was what was happening.

The FBI used flash bombs, or basically stun grenades, apparently as they entered the home. These are designed to temporarily disorient and stun a potentially dangerous person.

There was also police, SWAT, and other law enforcement presence in the area along with the FBI. WRPD said no one was injured in the event.

The reason for the search of the home was not revealed. The FBI officers were part of the Southeast Washington Safe Streets Task Force. No other information was released.

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