Pasco Police are seeking to locate this black Toyota truck, after the driver allegedly threatened another motorist after a fender bender in Pasco Wednesday.

Officials say the minor event occurred at the intersection of Clark and 1st. Both drivers pulled over, contacted each other, but then when the first driver--who was suffering from a bloody lip sustained in the crash--said he was going to notify police, the at-fault driver went off.

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The at-fault driver pulled out a pistol, put it to the head of the victim. Another man from the truck then began to hit the victim in the ribs.  He broke free, and the two men jumped in the truck and drove off. The truck was last seen heading north on 1st.

The Toyota is black, newer model Tundra Crew Max, with black wheels. The victim said all three of the people in the truck, the driver, the man who assaulted him, and another passenger, were all Spanish-speaking Hispanic males.

The victim also told police he observed a small rifle inside the cab of the Tundra. The victim was not able to get the license plate before the vehicle got out of sight.

He likely would have when he thought they would exchange information as you do in accidents, but then the suspect(s) went off.

Anyone who may see this truck, you're urged to call (509)-628-0333. All leads can be confidential. There are a plethora of reasons why the suspect driver did what he did, but we will not elaborate.


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