Location of fire (Google street view)
Location of fire (Google street view)

Kennewick Fire Crews were able to prevent a late Saturday night blaze from spreading to a house from a garage, but the home was still heavily damaged.

Crews from Richland, Kennewick battled the fire

Around 11 PM crews were dispatched to a home at 2104 North Vermont Loop. The location is just west of Steptoe in Kennewick. Because of the proximity to Richland, a Richland Fire crew arrived first, followed by Kennewick about a minute later.

Smoke was seen billowing from the attached garage, but crews were able to battle that back. Two dogs in the home were also rescued safely.  Two people who were said to be living there had already evacuated just prior to fire crews arriving. Crews kept the main fire seen in the garage from spreading, but investigators found there was more.

Kennewick fire officials, according to Fire Chief Chad Michael, said the blaze had spread through the crawl space above the home just before fire crews arrived. The resulting smoke and water damage from those flames has rendered the home unliveable until repairs can be made.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

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