Benton County Fire District 1
Benton County Fire District 1

Benton County Fire District 1(BCFD)  crews responded to a rapidly spreading structure fire early Monday morning, which resulted in the complete loss of a home.

 Fire began in a camper, spread to the house

Around 6:36 AM crews arrived at the home located on Airway Heights PR SE in the Finley area, a couple of miles southeast of Kennewick.

BCFD 1 says the camper was plugged into a power source, it appears the fire started in that unit. The fire ended up destroying the home. A woman and 2 children in the home were able to safely evacuate, but it was a total loss. The BCFD says for much of the blaze they were in what's called defensive mode, meaning they couldn't safely enter the structure to beat down the fire. They had to attack from outside.

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Officials have not yet said specifically what started the fire, besides the home, two other RV units were also gutted at the scene. The investigation continues.

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