It's growing later in the Washington State legislative session, but officials have not stopped thinking of things to 'ban.'

ON the heels of straws, and now plastic bags, here comes the latest. According to Legislators, and information from OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) far too many Washington state schoolchildren are suffering injuries and stress from overloaded backpacks.

So how House Bill (HB) 1777 proposes that backpacks be banned, in favor of wagons for children--including those in high school.

Some officials claim too many textbooks, crayons, water bottles and more are causing injuries in children, therefore the need for the ban, and replacement with wagons.

backpacks judged to be too heavy Getty Images
backpacks judged to be too heavy Getty Images

The vote is expected early next week, with the Senate to follow. Officials reportedly in negotiations with several major retailers to come up with a standardized wagon for students to haul their gear in. Pictured with this article is one of the more popular models, according to the Legislature.

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