Fish truck crash stinks up I-5 (WSDOT Twitter)
Fish truck crash stinks up I-5 (WSDOT Twitter)

It was a stinky situation Thursday morning on Interstate 5 near Marysville, WA, when a semi-truck towing a large trailer full of fish crashed. The Washington State Department of Transportation was ready with advice. The accident occurred just south of the exit to State Route (SR) 531.

WSDOT advised drivers to "roll up their windows"

Shortly after 8 AM  the truck crashed, the driver was not hurt, but the long cargo container, similar to a shipping container seen on rail cars and cargo ships, tipped over.

Thousands of gallons of fish, water, and slime were spilled onto the Interstate. No other accidents occurred from the gooey mess, but it did take several hours to clean. WSDOT advised on their Twitter (X) account that drivers in the area should "roll up their windows...really" due to the awful smell.

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The highway was reopened just under two hours later. A crane was brought in to get the trailer back on its wheels, heavy equipment was used to scoop up what was said to be smashed fish on the road.

Firehoses were then used to clean off the roadway. However, it's likely the residual smell will remain at least until the next good rainfall washes the road clean.


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