The Army Corps of Engineers does not plan on opening Fishhook Park and the accompanying campground site on the Snake River this summer.

The closure will allow the proper time to execute some major upgrades, and by the summer of 2021, the 41 campsites for RV's or tents, boat launch ramp, sun shelters, swim beach, playground and picnic tables will all be spiffier than ever.

Fishhook Park -

The Corps plans on enlarging the campsites to accommodate larger recreational vehicles and the renovation of outdated restrooms will also be a top priority. The time and cost of maintenance should be reduced as the park's sprinkler system is also scheduled to be modified.

For alternatives to Fishhook Park,18 miles east of Burbank, recommendations include Charbonneau Park, 8 miles east of Burbank, pictured below,

Charbonneau Park -

and Hood Park, with the Snake River bridge in the background of the picture below, which is just three miles south of Pasco, where Highways and 12 and 124 meet.

Hood Park -