The US Postal Service has designated May 19-25 as its annual Mailbox Improvement Week, an opportunity for customers to evaluate what shape their receptacle is in, and if it needs repairs or improvements.

   USPS can inspect mailboxes and offer improvements

Letter carriers can notify a customer if there's a serious issue or defect with their mailbox, USPS officials say some of the things for homeowners to check for include:

  • "Replacing loose hinges on a mailbox door.
  • Repainting a mailbox that may have rusted or has started to peel.
  • Remounting a loosened mailbox post.
  • Making sure there is a clear path to access the mailbox.
  • Clear away vegetation which may block the house number or mailbox door.
  • Replacing or adding house numbers."

You may want to install larger mailbox, especially if you find yourself ordering a lot more packages. A variety of models are available by contacting your local Post Office location, you can also get information online--and it includes the best locations to install them.

If you decide to go custom, like the famous Futurama Robot Bender Box in Pasco, check with the post office to make sure the custom box meets USPS requirements.

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It is also a good idea, if you're installing a newer mailbox, to possibly use a locking one. They have a slit or small opening to allow letters and smaller flexible packages to be inserted.

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