The Freedom Foundation has filed a lawsuit on behalf of five Skamania County businesses, seeking to overturn what they call Gov. Inslees "lingering" COVID restrictions.

The suit was filed October 1st in Skamania County Superior Court. Skamania is a sparsely populated area, with just over 12,000 residents spread out over 1,600 square miles. The county seat and largest city is Stevenson, population 1,583.  The county is best known for being the 'home' for Mount St. Helens.

The suit, filed on behalf of five different businesses and industries, points to the remoteness of the area, and that Inslee's proclamations are un-Constitutional. Skamania currently has FIVE cases,  has had 65 total and ONE fatality.

It's important that it's been filed in Skamania and not Thurston County. It is no secret that the reason so many cases vs. Inslee and/or AG Ferguson or the state end up being 'transferred' or venue changed is because Thurston has very 'Inslee friendly' judges, some of whom were appointed by him or other previous Democrats.

It's noted in the suit that Florida's Governor recently lifted all COVID restrictions, and a Judge in Pennsylvania threw out a list of Inslee-like restrictions enacted by Gov. Tom Wolfe.

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