The XFL was short-lived after its birth in 1999. But the controversial football league is set to begin operation in 2020, nearly 20 years later. 

The league added flair inspired by Vince McMahon's other property, the WWE.

The league stirred up much controversy in its day, and it's fair to wonder if it will be much more safety-oriented as it had been. With CTE concerns on the rise, it'd be hard to imagine the XFL would put emphasis on no holds barred, tough, rough football like it did so many years ago.

Tommy Maddox, the heir apparent to John Elway in Denver, couldn't stick in the NFL. He would go on to become XFL MVP in 2001. That exposure landed him a gig with the Steelers for 5 seasons, including a 15-1 season in 2004, and a ring in 2005. Sorry Hawks fans...

At least 5 former XFL players went on to have multi-year careers in the NFL, a handful of others signed and played at least a season.

And given the level of unhappiness over the senior league and the whole kneeling thing, and other questionable positions, maybe the time is ripe for a league that knows it's purpose is entertainment--not pis**ing people off.

As a fan of NFL, CFL, and Arena Football, this is exciting!

Maybe Johnny Manziel will find an XFL home...

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