Bank of Idaho Spokane (google street view)
Bank of Idaho Spokane (google street view)

A former bank manager in Spokane will be sentenced June 27th for her role in an embezzlement scheme.

   Former manager accused of stealing over $345K

US Attorney Vandess R. Waldreff released information Thursday about 27-year-old Jessica Ann Marshall of Spokane, who was a manager for Bank of Idaho.

The US Attorney's Office said Marshall was the manager at Bank of Idaho's branch in downtown Spokane. Between June and September of 2023, Marshall stole and embezzled $345,664 in cash from her drawer, bank ATM and the bank vault.

According to the US Attorney's Office:

"Marshall falsified documents to reconcile the cash and directed bank employees to sign falsified count sheets in order to hide her theft and embezzlement. Marshall also used her position as Bank Manger to make fraudulent deposit transactions into her spouse’s account. These fraudulent transactions reflected that money was being deposited into the account; however, no funds were deposited."

When the Bank of Idaho began to ask about the deposits, Marshall tried to cover her actions by using a co-worker's email account to send an email with false information. She then accessed another co-workers email to delete an email from the bank headquarters asking about the deposits.

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Several Federal agencies collaborated in the investigation. She will be sentenced June 27th.

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