Although Franklin County opted not to officially join the fight for legal reasons, one of it's Commissioners has not stepped back.

Franklin County Commissioner Clint Didier has joined with four other citizens in filing his own lawsuit, seeking to battle what King County, The City of Seattle and the Association of Washington Cities are doing--trying to overturn the $30 car tabs.

Almost immediately after it became apparent the measure would pass, government officials began to trumped they were going to sue. A variety of transportation projects have been halted by Gov. Inslee in what Initiative supporters say is a retaliatory move.

Didier's suit seeks to intervene, and stop a King County Superior Court suit from blocking the implementation of the Initiative.

A number of areas locally depend upon car tabs to pay for transportation projects. Richland claims with the rollback it would be $1 million short, Prosser, about $100,000.

However, it passed 33 of 39 counties, and in Benton County it passed by a 67% margin, in Franklin, 72%.

Some experts say this is more than just about money and car tabs, it's turning into a wrestling match of voters/citizens vs. Government.   This would be the fifth time the government has sued to overturn votes by the people.

Some supporters of Tim Eyman, who sponsored the Initiative, say people should 'revolt' and because the measure takes place in December, only pay $30 tabs.


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