This is bound to get interesting.

Monday, April 20, Sheriff Jim Raymond posted a public letter on the Franklin County Sheriff's Facebook page that says Gov. Inslee has overstepped his bounds concerning the essential-non essential businesses and churches that are closed.

Raymond's letter read in part as follows, concerning Inslee's actions:

"This is a gross overreach and intrudes on our religious freedoms and constitutional rights."

According to Raymond's letter, The City of Pasco had said yes to a church's request to hold a drive-in service (people in cars, PA system etc). then they received a letter saying that was not legal.  UPDATE --Initially Raymond had said it was from the Attorney General, but Tuesday retracted that part.  It is not known publicly where that letter came from. It didn't come from AG.

Raymond says the following in his letter:

"This intrudes on our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; and neither I not my office will enforce any arrests or fines regarding the operation of privately owned businesses."

Part of the reason you are seeing Sheriff's stand up to the Governor's orders is because unlike Police Chiefs, Sheriff's are elected by the people and are considered generally to be more stringent enforcers of the US Constitution, when it comes into conflict with state laws or mandates.

To read Sheriff Raymond's letter, click on the button below.


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