Due to concerns over the Coronavirus, the Franklin County Sheriff issued this statement concerning people who may need fingerprinting needs for ID purposes, as well as processing Concealed Carry (weapons) permits:

"The Franklin County Sheriff's Office has found it necessary to suspend our fingerprinting services to the community, along with Concealed Weapons permitting until March 31st. At that time we will re-evaluate. We will evaluate peoples emergent needs as they occur. Sadly the Franklin County Sheriff's Foundation has cancelled Breakfast with the Sheriff Fundraiser event to a later date. Again our apologies for the in conveniences."

A wide variety of different services in Washington state require a fingerprint, and Franklin County offers these services. However, due to Coronavirus, those are being temporarily suspended. Fingerprints are required as part of the process to obtain the Concealed Carry permit, so they are not being done til at least March 31 or TFN.


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