Officials say in the wake of growing numbers of mass shootings in America, there's been a new ugly trend. It's called 'profiteering.'

According to the East Oregonian and other news sources, Freeman High School officials began to receive emails from companies offering to sell them a wide variety of security system and other related products. Some of them began to arrive as early as 10 minutes after the news of the shooting broke nationwide.

This new trend actually began several years ago. Officials at Marysville Pilchuck High, where a shooting killed several people in 2014, said they received what they felt were 'disgusting' attempts to profit from their tragedy.

But it isn't just confined to schools or venues where incidents have occurred.  Many school officials, says the Spokesman-Review Newspaper, receive pitches from companies who well security related products. Some of them include bullet resistant whiteboards that can be used as shields. Others provide advanced security and camera systems, or ways to screen visitors to schools and businesses. Others offer trauma experts and support in case something happens. Others sell locks, metal detectors and medical supplies.

School officials say they don't endorse these companies, but instead work within their districts to put in place the safest, most comprehensive security and response systems they can.

Freeman school officials say the bulk of their emails received were sent with 'good intentions.' But it's still sad to see companies that don't walk the line when it comes to reaching out to districts that have had such tragedies.

While such products can be useful, there is a proper time and place for addressing those needs, and usually it's not immediately after a tragedy has occurred.


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