A Maryland man was arrested by police after alledgedly scuffling with them during a Christmas Parade over the Thanksgiving Weekend.

No, it wasn't about his hat, or blocking traffic, but 52 year old Kevin Walsh was taken into custody for alledgely scuffling with police.   According to officers in Chestertown Maryland, Walsh, a K-9 officer tried to escort Walsh (dressed at Frosty) away from a crowd at the Chestertown Parade.  Why he was being escorted away was not released, but officers claim he resisted and scuffled.  Walsh claims he was hassled and roughed up after making a joke about the officer's policedog.  Eitherway,  Frosty was busted.  Walsh says he's been part of the parade as Frosty for ten years, and doesn't know why he was targeted.

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