Officials with Columbia Marine Center in Pasco, and city officials say the frozen dock that's listing like the Titanic due to weight of snow and ice will have to be replaced, once the weather clears and the winter thaws. Dock shown in warmer weather.

Much like the building that collapsed on Columbia Drive last week, the weight of the snow and ice we've received has broken and damaged much of the covered dock. Some say the only reason it hasn't gone under completely is because of the frozen water, and six boats that are moored there. Image below courtesy of KEPR-TV.

Sinking Pasco Dock (KEPR-TV Facebook page)
Sinking Pasco Dock (KEPR-TV Facebook page)

They're completely trapped however, and cannot be moved until the snow melts. According to KEPR-TV,  officials say insurance will be able to cover the cost of replacing the structure. Pasco rescue officials say it's the same venue they launch emergency boats from, but have another place they can deploy now in case of emergency.


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