A 72-year-old man from Spokane is facing a potential felony after a little rampage worthy of a Grand Theft Auto Twitch stream. 

Edward Bartowski took Kennewick Police officers on a wild adventure, hitting high speeds on Columbia Center Blvd before crashing into a fence near First Ave. The fever dream began around 10:00 this morning when Bartowski walked into a fire station and told a firefighter he was with the CIA. Fun stuff.

He may have been experiencing a mental health episode, so the charges against him could disappear if he's given medical clearance. If they don't, Bartoswki could be in for a bad day. Potential charges include Felony Eluding and Reckless Driving. It's a good thing police officers are trained to recognize signs of dementia and Alzheimer's in elderly citizens. Those two conditions have the potential of kindle under a magnifying glass.

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