Starting Tuesday, Oct. 1, Tri-Cities residents and those across the state can get their first look at Obamacare online for Washington state.

Per the requirements of the Affordable Care Act, the Washington state healthcare exchange will be open online where citizens will be able to look at plans and enroll in them. According to Health Exchange officials, about 100 organizations across the state are participating as "Navigators" or "In-Person Assisters" who can help people enroll in one of the programs offered through the exchange.

Some of these partners locally include Kennewick General Hospital, Benton Franklin Health Department, Kadlec Health System, and the Benton Franklin Community Action Council on West Court in Pasco. If people choose to enroll in any of these programs, the coverage goes into effect Jan. 1, 2014.

It is interesting to note, while the Health Care Exchange claims 1 million residents of our state are without insurance, the Kaiser Foundation figures show it's at least 100,000 below that. The Kaiser numbers show, reportedly, 14 percent of all Washington residents are without coverage. The Foundation also rebukes Obama's claim that nationally 46 percent are without health care; the foundation's report shows it's about 16 percent.

The Kaiser Foundation is a widely-respected and reputable health care company that has covered healthcare related politics, issues and topics for decades.

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