Maybe it was 'just' for ice cream from Baskin Robbins, but it meant a lot to the officers.

Monday, Spokane police reported on their Facebook page that while officers were eating near a satellite police station in Southeast Spokane, they saw a woman walk up to one of their cars parked outside.

They weren't sure what she was doing, so they kept her under observation. They saw her place something on the windshield of the car under the wiper blade, then she walked away.

After she was gone, the officers approached and found she had left a Baskin Robbins ice cream gift card with a message for the officers.  On the envelope containing the card, the woman had written "Our Awesome Officers, You ARE Appreciated."

Officer Toby Bryer told KHQ-TV "What a generous and thoughtful gesture of thanks that she did not have to do."

According to reports, no one knows the identity of the woman.


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