Gilbert Arenas, onetime marksman, has still got game.

The former Washington Wizards star has been banned from California's Orange County Fair because of the photo you see below.

Yup, Arenas (who knows a thing or two about shooting) sank so many baskets and won so many toys he was informed his business was no longer welcome.

Look at the picture again. He won toys for all four of his kids, who appear in the photo, but aren't so easy to spot because they're obscured by the bevy of stuffed animals.

We say good for Arenas and good for his children. This feels like he got sweet revenge for every sucker who ever plunked down dollar after dollar trying to sink a ball into a basket too small for it, all in the name of winning a cheap teddy bear to impress the girl you're with. Bravo, Gilbert. We salute you.

While we admire his carnival-like gamesmanship, let's also take a few moments to admire his hardwood skills, too.

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