Washington State Parks Department bans all campfires in all state parks for rest of summer due to fire danger.

Due to the high amount of wildfires, and extremely dry conditions in many areas,  WSP officials have banned any campfires or other forms of cooking that utilize charcoal briquettes, or flammable non-contained substances.   The park ruling follows similar action by the Department of Natural Resources, who have also banned such burning on all lands protected by DNR.  DNR helps oversee about half of the state's official parks and campgrounds.

Between the two rulings, charcoal, briquettes and other open fires - even in approved campgrounds and fire pits - are now banned.  Campers will be allowed to use propane stoves, burners, warming devices with a solid base, or citronella type devices that do not have liquid fuel.

DNR and the State Parks Department said while many fires are caused by natural events such as lightning, most are caused by people, especially unattended or carelessly attended outdoor fires.

The bans will remain in effect for the rest of the camping and outdoor season until the parks close for the winter.