Tuesday is National Golf Day, and while we have numerous challenging courses in the Mid-Columbia, try THIS one on for size.

Just because you're in the US military at the DMZ (De-Militarized Zone) that separates North and South Korea doesn't mean you can't enjoy a few rounds...but on this course, rounds could be explosives.

  This 192 yard par-3 course at the DMZ is literally surrounded by mines and other explosive devices in the weeds. The course, at Panmunjom, was created to give some of the 50 soldiers there a little R&R.  The course has minefields around it, and visitors are cautioned NOT to pursue errant balls that may slice or hook off the course.   According to legend, at least one errant golf ball has detonated a mine in the nearby fields.  No word on what the course record is, or if they follow PGA rules on out of bounds or drops!   By the way, the course includes a gun tower.

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